May - Our Favourite Produce

Friday 29th April 2016

We are fast approaching the end of the week and also the end of April. Going into the weekend and the May bank holiday brings a lot of fantastic flavours and ingredients to the plate this month.

Some of the most notable ingredients include: Asparagus, Jersey Royal New Potatoes, Radishes & Rhubarb.

Asparagus is a hugely popular ingredient in many countries around Europe this time of year. However it does have a very short shelf life once picked and it is typically best eaten on the day of purchase.

Jersey Royal New Potatoes are fantastic during their relatively short season in the year. Originating from the Island of Jersey these potatoes take on a very unique flavour not commonly found in other potatoes due to the fantastic growing conditions on the island. Almost 100% of the crop grown each year is exported to our shores luckily for us.

Radishes are a brilliant addition to any summer salads we may be having over the next few months. They add a fantastic peppery burst to any dish they are added to, and are extremely high in Vitamin C.

Well Rhubarb may not be at the start of its season but the forced Rhubarb available from January is on the way out and the field grown and much more flavoursome alternative is on its way in. As we all know Rhubarb is brilliant in summer puddings but some may not be aware that due to its sharpness it also works well with some meats and oily fish in particular.

Here at Executive Chef Company Ltd seasonality is extremely important to us so we will definitely be taking advantage of some of these superb homegrown ingredients during the next month or so and we hope you may be inspired to do so as well. Please follow us on any of our social media pages for more updates over the coming months.

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